Manzilian Wax : How to Prepare, Its Benefits and What to Expect

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I am perched on all fours atop an examination table, with a bright light shining directly into my intimate area. This isn’t the start of a risque film, but rather, I am about to undergo a Manzilian – a full-body waxing treatment that removes all hair from the groin and butt, leaving everything silky and smooth.

A few years ago, undergoing this treatment may have been considered unusual, but now it’s rapidly gaining popularity among men of all demographics. The European Wax Center introduced the “Brazilian-P” service for men a few years back in select locations and, due to its high demand, has now expanded it to its entire 900-storefront network. According to Deidra Green, the Senior Field Training Manager of the European Wax Center, they’ve seen “a really big mix of ages, races, and body types” coming in for the service and that “there’s not one type of person getting it more than another.”

However, other hair removal experts have noticed shifting trends. Gabriel Suarez, the owner of Smooth Cheeks in Los Angeles, comments that “the demographics have drastically changed. Young guys want to be completely smooth.” According to Suarez, this trend is partly driven by the fact that young women prefer it. But even without external pressure from their partners, Suarez observes that “men of all walks of life usually want their butt smooth.”

Like many men, I have gone through different grooming phases for my body hair. At times, I’ve trimmed and shaved, while at other times I’ve left some areas unaltered. I have had my share of waxing treatments, but I’ve never ventured into the sensitive area. However, I wanted to explore what the hype was all about, which led me to book an appointment with Oskar Morett, the owner of MPM Hair Removal Studio for Men in New York City, to try out the latest grooming trend- Manzilian.

What Is A Manzilian Wax?

A Manzillian, a male equivalent of the Brazilian wax, involves the removal of hair from the groin area to achieve a silky smooth finish. Many waxing centers, like European Wax Center, offer options for the customer to choose from to customize the experience. For instance, at MPM Hair Removal Studio for Men in New York City, there are three different levels of services available – Boyzilian, Boyzilian Plus, and Man-zilian. The Boyzilian service only covers the front, Boyzilian Plus includes the butt cheeks, and the Man-zilian covers the entire area including the lower back, shaft, balls, and all in between.

Both Oskar Morett and Deidra Green from European Wax Center emphasize that the Manzillian service is customizable according to the customer’s preference. Customers have the option to choose the amount of hair they would like to remove. In my case, I opted for a 90% smooth finish, retaining some hair on top while removing the hair from the other areas. When I informed Morett of my decision not to go completely hairless, he didn’t show any surprise as many of his 20 to 23 daily Manzillian customers also opt to customize their services.

How To Do A Manzilian Wax?

Most Manzilian services offered by professional establishments follow a standard process, with minor variations based on the products they use. For instance, the European Wax Center utilizes a special type of alcohol-free, wax-free “Comfort Wax” that is exclusive to their center. In my case, Morett decided to use sugar instead of wax because it offers more precision and control.

The process began with me removing all of my clothing from the waist down. Morett then asked me about my preferences on the amount of hair I wanted to keep or remove and created a plan accordingly. We started with the back, so I positioned myself on all fours on the exam table, similar to a child’s pose, and Morett applied a generous amount of baby powder to my lower back and butt cheek to absorb any moisture and improve the effectiveness of the sugar. He started from the outer edges and worked his way inward, quickly and efficiently removing the hair from my lower back, butt cheeks, upper thighs, and eventually, the entire crack area. Throughout the process, Morett conversed with me, making the experience much more relaxed, and it took approximately 10 minutes.

The front required slightly more careful attention, but the process was similar—apply baby powder, sugar, and repeat by section. He worked on each side before finally moving to the center and focusing on my scrotum and shaft. Flexibility is key during this part of the treatment as there may be times when you will have to hold your knees to your ears or adopt different positions to ensure that every millimeter of hair is removed, especially in the perineum area. To finish, Morett used the sugar to “spot treat” specific areas, like blending the hair on my inner thighs to create a more natural look and even applied it to the sides of my V muscle to create a more defined appearance. The front, which had more folds and crevices, took slightly longer, around 15 minutes. After the treatment was complete, Morett asked me to inspect his work in the mirror and then applied an antibacterial spray before declaring the job done.

Does a Manzilian Hurt?

The question of “how much does it hurt?” is one that is often asked when it comes to professional Manzilian services. The answer is simple: it does hurt. However, it is important to note that the level of pain experienced during the process can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including one’s pain tolerance, the type of wax or sugar used, and the expertise of the professional administering the service.

For me, I have a fairly high pain tolerance, but there were certainly moments during the process where I let out involuntary grunts or winces as the hair was pulled from my skin. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the pain was not as intense as I had anticipated. This is partly due to the unique anatomy of the area being treated, which Morett explained to me. Unlike when getting a wax on the upper body, where the pain tends to spread and linger after the wax has been removed, the pain from a Manzilian is focused and short-lived, with only a few seconds of burning sensation after each pull.

One of the key factors in reducing discomfort during a Manzilian is having a professional who is experienced and knowledgeable about the process. Morett was a pro at keeping the atmosphere relaxed and chatting with me throughout the treatment, which helped distract me from the pain. He also made sure to explain each step of the process, which gave me a sense of what to expect.

While the pain was manageable, the awkwardness of the experience was something that took me a bit longer to get used to. I felt less self-conscious when I couldn’t see what was happening, but as soon as I turned over and could look down, it was strange to watch someone work on my most intimate areas with such ease and nonchalance. It was definitely a vulnerable position to be in, but after a few minutes, my self-consciousness faded and I was able to relax and let the process unfold.

It’s important to note that while the experience may not be particularly enjoyable, it is not unbearable. Morett confirmed that he has never had anyone scream or cause a commotion during a Manzilian service. In the grand scheme of things, the level of pain experienced during a Manzilian is relatively minor, and certainly not as intense as depicted in popular media such as the film “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Manzilian?

When it comes to men getting a Manzilian, or a male version of a Brazilian wax, there are two primary motivations that drive them to book the appointment. The first and most obvious one is aesthetics. Many men simply enjoy the look of a hairless groin area, and some even say that it makes them “look bigger.” The other reason, which may come as a surprise to some, is hygiene. A lot of men, especially those who work in physically demanding jobs like construction or driving, find that a Manzilian provides them with a clean and comfortable feeling, especially after long hours of sitting.

This is something that both Deidra Green, Senior Field Training Manager of European Wax Center, and Oskar Morett, owner of MPM Hair Removal Studio for Men in New York City, agree on. According to Green, many of the men who come in for a Manzilian are motivated more by the feel than the look. “It’s a very gratifying clean feeling,” says Morett. And for those who suffer from chronic swamp ass, the idea of having a clean and hygienic groin area may be what ultimately convinces them to book a Manzilian appointment.

What Should You Consider Before Getting A Manzilian?

For many men, the idea of getting a Manzilian, a complete removal of hair from the groin area, may seem daunting. However, the process is actually quite simple, with minimal preparation required, especially for those who are new to waxing services. Before scheduling your appointment, it’s important to keep in mind that the hair should be at least the length of a grain of rice, as this allows the wax to effectively grab onto the hair. If you usually shave, let the hair grow out to around a half inch before your appointment. Exfoliating the area a few days prior is an optional step, but it can help to remove any dead skin cells that may act as a barrier between the wax and the hair.

For those who may be concerned about the pain, a numbing cream with lidocaine called Numb Skin Cream can be applied about an hour and a half before your appointment to help reduce the pain by 30 to 60 percent. However, it’s important to note that the cream can also make it harder for the wax to grip onto your hair. Ultimately, the decision to use the cream is up to the individual and their level of comfort.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that a professional waxer is a fully trained, licensed professional who deals with all sorts of bodies every day. You shouldn’t go into your appointment with a fear of judgment or the need to apologize for being who you are. The most important thing to know is that the waxer will treat you with respect and professionalism throughout the entire process.

What Are The Aftercare Steps For A Manzilian?

The initial reaction after getting a Manzilian wax may be a little redness and some mild discomfort, but it usually fades away quickly. I was advised by Morett, my waxer, to refrain from engaging in any strenuous activities that could cause sweating, but if I needed to work out, I was instructed to clean the waxed areas with gentle soap and use antibacterial wipes to prevent bacteria growth. He also let me know that I could have sex after the wax, but it’s important to clean up properly afterwards. The amount of tenderness or sensitivity that I experienced after the wax depended on how much hair was removed. While I was slightly tender to the touch for a couple of days, I was mostly getting used to the new sensation of smoothness down there.

For long-term care, the skin needs are different after waxing, and it’s important to take steps to prevent ingrown hairs. Green advised me to use body washes that rinse clean from the skin, exfoliators, and moisturizing products such as body lotion to keep my newly smooth skin moisturized and protected. She also suggested using European Wax Center’s EWC Treat Ingrown Hair Serum or Ingrown Hair Wipes to help prevent ingrown hairs. The serum and wipes contain narcissus bulb extract, which can help slow hair growth and make future waxing treatments more tolerable over time.

How Frequently Should You Schedule A Manzilian?

When it comes to the recommended frequency of getting a Manzilian wax, opinions may vary slightly between experts. Green suggests getting waxed every three to four weeks in order to maintain consistency and make the process easier and quicker in the long run. On the other hand, Morett recommends a slightly longer interval of five to six weeks as it takes around four weeks for hair growth to start becoming noticeable again. Ultimately, the frequency will depend on your individual hair growth patterns. Regardless of how often you have gotten the Manzilian in the past, it is important to ensure that the hair has grown long enough for it to be effectively removed by the wax.

It took me a few days to get used to the new sensation of smooth skin in my intimate area, but once I did, I am delighted with the results. I feel cleaner and my previously persistent “swamp ass” problem is no longer an issue, even after strenuous physical activity. My showers are more enjoyable and I no longer have to worry about any awkward odors throughout the day. It may seem odd, but getting a Manzilian wax has had a positive impact on my confidence and overall mood, even though only a select few people get to see the results. I have received positive feedback from my partner and, even though it was never a look I thought I would have, I have to admit that it is flattering. Although I haven’t decided whether I will keep it up forever, I am already eager to return to Morett’s table for another session.

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