Shoulder Workouts for Men at Home : How to Target All Deltoids

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Are Shoulder Workouts Important ? Yes. Do Broad Shoulders Look Good On Guys ? Yes. Can I Workout With Shoulder Pain ? The answer is yes, but respecting a few principles and your body’s ability to adapt. How to Workout Shoulders at Home ? 1. Plank To Down Dog 2. Pike Push-ups 3. Inclined Wall Push-ups 4. Up Downs 5. Prone X

If you are trying to improve your physique, well-developed shoulders are essential. Broad shoulders, combined with a broad back, help give the illusion of a narrow waist. For this, you need the right shoulder exercises and the right equipment. For most of us, the problem is finding the time to train. So what’s the solution?

In this article, we’ll talk about the importance of shoulder workouts, how broad shoulders can be a sign of attractiveness, how to workout around a shoulder injury and how to target all three deltoids with shoulder workout at home.

1. Are Shoulder Workouts Important ?

Yes ! The shoulders are important muscles for the structure of the upper body because they, along with the back muscles, give that flared, V-shaped effect.

The shoulders are considered a large muscle group because they are made up of several fascicles and none of them should be neglected in order to achieve good muscle development. Basic exercises and isolation exercises are all important to build shoulder muscles.

2. Do Broad Shoulders Look Good On Guys ?

Yes ! Actually, an Australian study reveals that women are sensitive to the size of a man’s penis, but even more so to the masculinity of his body, in particular his shoulders.

For men worried about the measurements of a certain part of their anatomy, the study published in the very serious journal of the American Academy of Sciences (PNAS) should bring reassuring information. Australian researchers, intrigued by the relatively large size of the male sex compared to other animal species, sought to know if this particularity resulted from a form of selection by women who would have seen a promise of fertility. Their work, published in 2013, shows that if the size of the penis does indeed play a role in the attraction that a man has for a woman, it is not much more important than the overall size of the body and much less decisive than the shape of the silhouette, especially the bust.

To verify their hypothesis, the researchers presented to a hundred heterosexual women computer-generated images in real size of men with various silhouettes, in which three parameters varied: the ratio between the width of the shoulders and the hips (which characterizes the shape of the silhouette “in triangle” or “in pear”), the size of the individual, and the size of his sex at rest.

In the end, it is the shape of the bust that stood out as the determining criterion of seduction. Its importance in the choice weighed for 80%, against 5,1% for the size and 6,1% for the penis. A considerable gap, which the researchers put into perspective, admitting that they presented many unattractive figures (very narrow shoulders, large belly). However, “if you are small with a pear-shaped body, a large penis will not increase your sex appeal”, says Brian Mautz, from the Australian National University, co-author of the study.

3. How To Workout Around A Shoulder Injury ?

Can I Workout With Shoulder Pain ? The answer is yes, you can train if you have tendonitis, but respecting a few principles and your body’s ability to adapt.

Tendonitis occurs when the stress on the tendon exceeds its ability to adapt. As soon as pain and swelling begin, it is important to be proactive towards healing. For about a week, ice should be applied, the tendon rested and protected from the irritating mechanism. This involves finding the cause of the problem.

Afterwards, resumption of physical activities is suggested. Pain during movement is normal, but it should not increase after exercise or persist beyond 30 minutes after the effort. It should be done gradually. The exercises in question should be done eccentrically, with 2 to 3 sets of 20 to 40 repetitions, with tolerable pain (about 4 out of 10) and with functional movements.

Do not forget to do a warm-up of about 10 minutes of cardio beforehand. This style of program for post-tendonitis recovery can be done every day for several weeks.

4. How To Workout Shoulders At Home? Best Shoulder Exercises For Mass Men’s Health

Shoulder Delts

4.1 How To Train Side Shoulders At Home ? No Equipment

The side delts (the middle fascicle) is the part of the shoulder that gives all the volume to the scapular belt. It is this portion of the shoulder that is most visible, especially from the front. It is recruited during the basic exercises and during the isolation exercises. During the execution of the movements, the main difficulty is to avoid a too big recruitment of the trapezius. For this, it is advisable not to raise the arms above the shoulder line during the lateral elevations. Another difficulty is to avoid damaging the infraspinatus during basic exercises such as the military press. To avoid overexposing the infraspinatus, make sure not to lower the bar below the ears during the starting phase and in the eccentric phase. Beyond that, the infraspinatus stretches and wraps around the scapula, creating inflammation and damage to the rotator cuff.


1. Plank To Down Dog

A great exercise to work on your shoulder flexibility and in particular your rotator cuff. Be sure to do this exercise slowly, no need to rush! This movement is a great warm-up exercise before starting a shoulder workout.


2. Pike Push-ups

This exercise is the step before the headstand. It works both your front and middle deltoids. Keep your spine straight by lowering your head to the ground while looking down at your legs (not your hands).

4.2 How To Workout Front Shoulder At Home ? No Equipment

The front delts (the anterior fascicle) is located in front of the shoulder, near the pectoralis minor. Its role is to bring the arm forward (antepulsion). It is a portion of the muscle which is seldom late at the practitioners of body-building because it is very solicited during the bench press, where it is very recruited with the pectoral muscle. It is therefore not necessary to impose a lot of specific work for this part of the shoulder. However, people who have narrow clavicles are well advised to focus on the front of the shoulder, since its development will give more volume to the shoulder as a whole.


3. Inclined Wall Push-ups

Raising your upper body off the ground will put a lot of stress on the anterior deltoids (front part of the shoulders). Contract your core and make sure your hips, shoulders and feet are in a straight line (as in traditional push-ups). The edge of the bench or step (or any other object) should be just below your chest (or pecs).


4. Up Downs

Looking for a variation of the plank that will work your shoulders? Try the Up Downs exercise to work your anterior deltoid.

Place your hands directly under your shoulders. Use your core to keep your hips in line with the floor and avoid rotating your body to the sides. The asymmetrical press requires a lot of stability and is not something you usually do with other plank and push-up variations. So don’t be surprised if you feel a little sore!

4.3 How To Workout Rear Delts At Home ? No Equipment

The rear delts is the back of the shoulder, unlike the anterior portion, is often an underdeveloped part, even though it is involved in most of the exercises that stimulate the back. It is quite difficult to isolate it, as the trapezius and rhomboids are involved in all exercises. The difficulty is to find the ideal angle to isolate the back of the shoulder and to avoid too much recruitment of the agonist muscles. It is therefore advisable to work with rather light loads and to control the execution of the exercises, which are all isolation movements. Also, make sure that the arms are slightly above the shoulder line during the whole movement. The lower the elbows, the more the back will take over.


5. Prone X

This exercise is great for the posterior deltoids as well as the back muscles. Make sure your core and glutes are engaged throughout the movement. Focus on using your shoulder blades to pull the arms to the side. And, as with the Plank-To-Down Dog, this is not a race – it’s better and safer to be slower and more controlled!


As you noticed, you don’t really need any fancy equipment or a gym membership to effectively work your shoulders. If you incorporate these exercises into your regular workout routine, you should begin to see noticeable improvements within a few weeks.

Just remember to focus on optimal form, with a full range of motion, to ensure optimal development. Once you are familiar with these exercises, begin to gradually increase the number of reps and load to continually progress.

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